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How to Plan and Run a Bean Bag Tournament

Wedding guests, kids, or professional bean bag enthusiasts—the game of Baggo is played by nearly everyone in America. Never heard of Baggo? Even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s likely that you have played the game in some form. Baggo is similar to the game of horseshoe, except players toss bags lled with corn or beans at a board with holes to score points. This game has rapidly grown in popularity in the United States and is now played at all sorts of occasions. If you want to take your party to the n

From Bleh to Boom – Revamp Your Backyard into the Perfect Retreat

Is your backyard just a little … well, disappointing? You’ve probably stared at it plenty of times, lost in a daze of backyard fantasies. No more daydreaming! It’s time to finally make those fantasies a reality and create the perfect outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation. After all, everyone deserves an outdoor space to look forward to after a long, hard week. From cooking and dining spaces to hangouts, activities, and retreats, here you’ll find all of the inspiration you need to transform you

Rock the Block – Creative Ideas and Helpful Tips for Throwing a Spectacular Block Party

Stress at work, the run-around with the kids, keeping up with school and bills – we all need a break from these things at some point (sooner rather than later, right?). What better way to disconnect from all of the stress and aggravation of our day-to-day schedules than by getting together with neighbors and friends for an awesome block party? Forget about waiting for a holiday like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July to roll around; just make your own! From food and decorations to entertainment and beyon

Baggo: A Winning Fundraising Idea

If you have been to a tailgate for a sporting event, you have most likely seen or been a part of a friendly game of Baggo. This pastime has now become a staple of outdoor gaming that combines competitiveness with ease of gameplay to create a wonderfully simple and fun game for the whole family.

Specialty Themed Baggo Boards

Baggo is a favorite pastime of many Americans. It was created in the late 1940s, in the upper Midwest, and initially could only be played outdoors. The large boards and heavy bean bags were not conducive to placement inside, and they were difficult to transport. Given the increasing popularity of the game throughout the United States, the Baggo Company worked tirelessly to make the game more practical and transportable.