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17 Day Away - The 2017 BAGGO National Championship!

Baggo is doing it again at Riverfest in Little Rock! This time, the annual festival has even more national acts, not to mention games, fireworks, and carnival fun. It's a two-day event that's not to be missed. Keeping pace with past legends like B.B. King, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams Jr., this year's festival features Grammy Award nominees Billy Currington and Wiz Khalifa & many more!

Countdown to the 2017 BAGGO National Champsionship!

It's May 1st and that means we are 33 days away from crowning the 2017 BAGGO National Champion! Over $3,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs in the 5th annual National Championship. You'll also hear some awesome music including Wiz Khalifa, Justin Moore, Cage the Elephant, Billy Currington & many more. Click for full details!

Seven Games That Improve Mental Health

Kids today never go outside. Millennials are the epitome of laziness. All they EVER do is sit on their behinds, and waste time on social media on their smartphones and computers.At least, this is exactly what the authors of many clickbait articles would have you think. It is indeed true that many children today do not spend quite as much time outside or playing physically active games as their parents, guardians, and teachers would like, but the one thing that we are missing is that children are more active