How To Play

Official Baggo Rules

  • 2 or 4 players (singles or doubles)
  • Distance measured between Foot Foul Edges
2 - 4 Years8 Feet
5 - 8 Years12 Feet
9 - 12 Years15 Feet
13 & Over (Social Play)18 Feet
Tournament Play20 Feet
  • In doubles, team partners face each other from opposite boards
  • Each team plays with 4 bags
  • Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are thrown
  • The round is then scored (See Scoring)
  • The last team to score on previous round tosses first
  • Toss again if any interference occurs
  • Opponents may call Foot Foul and the call must be honored
  • In singles or doubles, the losing team has choice of sides for next game

BAGGO etiquette necessitates respect for your opponent. While an opponent is tossing refrain from talking and step back out of his/her view. Only one person or the referee (tournament play) should retrieve bags when the round is completed.