Baggo FAQ

Baggo Game & Products FAQ

Q. Do you offer a guarantee on your game?
A. Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our Baggo boards against any manufacturer defects.
Q. What is Baggo made of?
A. Baggo is made of a blow molded polyethylene. This allows the Baggo game boards to be weather proof & portable. Baggo will not rot or warp like a wooden game.
Q. What is the difference in a plastic vs wooden game?
A. When we made Baggo, we wanted a game that would be the same every time, regardless of where you played it at. Wooden boards are made of different wood, sizes & finishes, lots of variables. Baggo does not vary. Baggo is by far the most portable bean bag game on the market & the only one that comes with a lifetime warranty. Baggo will fit in the trunk of any car & can go anywhere with you. Unlike a wooden board, you don’t need 2 men & a truck to move it!
Q. How much does a Baggo game weigh?
A. The Baggo game weighs approximately 22 lbs. This weight includes the bean bags that are stored on the backside of each Baggo board in the blow molded pockets. Once you latch the two boards together, you can carry the Baggo game by the handle, similar to a suitcase handle.
Q. Is this the same thing as Cornhole?
A. When most people refer to Cornhole, they are referring to a wooden game. The scoring is the same, with the main difference being the boards. Most wooden Cornhole boards are 4ft long & weigh a ton! Baggo is a foot shorter & is a fraction of the weight. Cornhole boards have a lot of variables in them as many are home made & may be using different types of wood, different finishes, some have different hole sizes & the list goes on. Baggo was made to take all of the variables out of the game, so it will play the same every time, regardless if your playing your Baggo game at home, a Baggo game at a friends house, a Baggo game on a cruise ship or in an Official Baggo Tournament.
Q. What is the difference between the two types of bags 9.5oz & 12oz?
A. The 9.5oz bags are for the Official Baggo game. The 12oz bean bags are made for wooden cornhole games.
Q. What are the bean bags made of & what is in them?
A. The official bean bags are constructed of a 6 inch x 6 inch heavy duty poplin blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with an all-purpose, dual duty extra-strength thread. The bags are surged on three sides & then reversed out. The bags are filled with a treated unpopped popcorn. To clean, use a damp washcloth with mild soap to spot clean, do not submerge the bags. If your bean bags should get completely soaked or rained on, let them air dry in the sun, do not put them in the dryer or microwave.
Q. How is the logo applied to the game boards?
A. The BAGGO game boards have 16 low profile tabs around the edge of the boards (they do not affect game play). These tabs house “screens”, the screens are the artwork for the game boards. BAGGO games purchased on this site come with either a screen printed or digital print insert. These inserts are removable for easy cleaning or so that multiple designs can be used.
Q. I have a BAGGO game somewhere else (retailer or other site), it didn’t come with “screens”, should screens have been in the game? If not, where can I get some screens?
A. We do produce a model of BAGGO that does not come with screens, it only comes with 2 BAGGO decals (1 Red & 1 Navy). All of the designs on our website have the option to order “screens only”, these are under the accessories tab.
Q. I see that you have many College team designs, but I didn’t see my favorite team…is it available?
A. If you don’t see it on our website, we may not have it. However, you can purchase a Build Your Own BAGGO (BYOB) game, which comes with clear screens and the option to pick your own bag colors. With the BYOB you can place decal stickers of your favorite team or design underneath the clear screens. This route is often used by fans of sport teams that we currently don’t offer. Turn your BYOB into any game you like! Most of these team decals can be found online or at your local fan shop. BAGGO currently offers over 75 Collegiate licenses, we currently do not have Pro team licensing.
Q. What is the difference between the personalized BAGGO & the Custom BAGGO game?
A. The personalized BAGGO game are designs that we have in stock that you can add your own text to. Customize allows you to send in your own artwork or logo to be applied to the game boards.

Baggo Store / Ordering FAQ

Q. How much is shipping?
A. To find out your cost for shipping, simply add the items you would like to order & use the estimate shipping option in the cart.
Q. How long does delivery take?
A. Typically, if you order Monday thru Friday before 8am CT, your order will ship the same day. Ground shipments take 2 – 5 days depending on your location. Remember that when calculating transit time, do NOT count the day of purchase as a ship day. If you would like to be certain that your package will arrive on time, please call us so we can advise you on the best shipping method.
Q. Can I purchase a game internationally?
A. Yes, we can ship a game anywhere in the world. Please email us with the products you would like to order & your full mailing address, we will send a full quote along with ordering information. Email your request to [email protected].
Q. Is BAGGO sold in stores?
A. Yes, BAGGO is sold nationwide at many fine retailers. If you would like to find a game in your area, please call or email us for locations.
Q. What is your contact information?
A. BAGGO is located & ships all product from 600 Mid America Blvd. Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913. Our toll free number is 1-888-323-1813. Our Office hours are M-F, 8am – 5pm CT. Drop us an email at [email protected].

Baggo Game Play Rules FAQ

Q. What is the official distance?
A. Official tournament distance is 20 feet (measured between foot foul edges). Social play is recommended 18-20 feet. Baggo comes with a premeasured distance regulator rope that ties into the front of each leg for consistent game play.
Q. I am having trouble keeping the bag on the board. What do I need to do to keep the bag from sliding off of the board?
A. When throwing, make sure you have a good arch on the pitch. Lower trajectory shots will slide faster & may slide right off the board. A good shot is a 45 degree angle with about 8 feet of arch on it. Aim for the front to the middle of the board, play the slide & the bag will go right in.
Q. If a bag hits the ground and bounces onto the board scoring an ace (1 point), does that count? And if not, but subsequently pushes another bag into the hole, how is that scored?
A. If the bag hits the ground and bounces onto the board it does NOT count. When a bag hits the ground it is no longer in play. Any bags that were moved by the bag that hit the ground and bounced back onto the board should be placed back to its original position.
Q. A bag lands on the edge of the game board but half is on & the other half is hanging off touching other bags that fell short on the ground in front of the board, does the bag on the board count even though it’s touching other bags on the ground?
A. Yes, as long as the bag is on the board & not directly touching the ground, it would count.
Q. Is it legal to throw over handed in an Official game?
A. Yes, you can throw any way you like, though it’s not recommended. A player will have less control of their shot with an over handed shot.
Q. If a foot foul is called, is the toss invalid? Does the person get to try again? What if the toss knocks other bags either in the hole or off the board – are they replaced in their starting spot or just left as is?
A. If a foot foul is called then the bag that was thrown is invalid and should be removed. All bags that were affected by the toss should be put back to the original positions. The person that foot fouls does not get their toss back.
Q. If a bag hits the BAGGO Caddy (accessory) & lands back on the game board, does this bag count?
A. If the bag hits the Caddy and falls back onto the board it does NOT count. This is now a dead bag. Any bags that were moved by the bag that hit the Caddy should be placed back to its original position.
Q. When playing doubles, one team gets to 11-0 (Skunk), do they give the remaining bags to the other team to try & prevent the skunk or do both players keep playing the turn out and if at the end of that turn it is still a skunk & the game is over?
A. If the score is 11-0 at the end of a round, the team with 11 has won the game (if Skunk rules are in play), bags are never give to the other team.
Q. At the end of a game, does the losing team get a chance to throw all the bags including the opponents to make up the point difference to get back in the game?
A. When a team reaches 21+ points at the end of a round, the game is over. At no point do you ever throw your opponents bags.
Q. Does a team have to win by 2 if the game is close at the end?
A. No, the game is won by the first team to reach 21.
Q. Does a team need to hit 21 exactly? Do they go back in scoring if they go over?
A. No, a team can win 25-8 if it happens that way. The winning team is the first team to score 21+ points. Teams never go backwards in scoring.
Q. How is it determined who throws first?
A. The best method is a coin flip.
Q. How is it determined who stands on what side of the board (pitching box)?
A. If 2 players would both like to stand on the same side of the board, it is suggested to flip a coin to determine sides, unless players agree to take turns in the pitching box.
Q. How many game boards would I need to host a 32 team tournament?
A. The more the merrier, but 6 – 8 game boards would be the best bet. This would allow a 32 team tournament to be completed in approximately 2 hours.
Q. Are there any BAGGO tournaments in my area?
A. Check our Community tab & then look for tournaments. BAGGO, Inc. only hosts a small handful of tournaments yearly. Many tournaments around the nation are not affiliated with BAGGO, but we do recommend you participating in them if you are looking for some good BAGGO competition.