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Do I really Need the Caddy?

When buying a BAGGO game, many people notice that we have an awesome accessory called, the BAGGO Caddy. It holds your Drinks, Bags & Keeps Score for you. If you are a die hard, we even have a light version for night play. But do you really need the Caddy? Truth be told, you don't need a lot of things in life. But one thing you do need, is your back. Without the Caddy, you are constantly bending over to get the next bag. Unless, you want to hold all 4 of your bags in your hands while you are throwing. Sure, some people choose to do that, but your weight balance will be off. Think it's funny? Imagine shooting a Free Throw in basketball with one hand and in the other hand an added bulk weight of 3 lbs. Not to mention taking your mind off what your trying to do...WIN! If you play with bags in hand, where is that drink now that you said "he can hold"? Oops, he just knocked it over! Once you play with the Caddy, you will never want to play without it. Click here to Order the BAGGO Caddy , you'll save a back and a beverage!