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17 Day Away - The 2017 BAGGO National Championship!

Shout Out to Little Rock: Come See Us at Riverfest

Baggo is doing it again at Riverfest in Little Rock! This time, the annual festival has even more national acts, not to mention games, fireworks, and carnival fun. It's a two-day event that's not to be missed. Keeping pace with past legends like B.B. King, Willie Nelson, and Hank Williams Jr., this year's festival features Grammy Award nominees Billy Currington and Wiz Khalifa, among others.

Championship Run

We're gearing up for the fifth annual Baggo National Championship. It's time to put those underhanded and special over-handed tosses to the test. Presented by Oaklawn Gaming based in Hot Springs, the contest pits two-person teams in a head-to-head competition for over three thousand dollars in prizes.

Ever since the bag-tossing game began in the late forties, it has been finding its way into the hearts and homes of enthusiasts everywhere. The old heavy, unwieldy wooden boards have given way to sleek designs and materials. You'll see some of the more than eighty design themes Baggo makes available when you attend the national championship. The June 3rd event not only gives away money but awards Baggo game boards and other paraphernalia, as well.

Riverfest at the Little Rock

One of Little Rock, Arkansas's signature cultural events, the Riverfest Festival is known for its music and gaming. The festival itself has been a staple since 1978, and it has played a key role in attracting business and investment.

The festival's success and organization contributed to the building of Riverfest Amphitheatre (now, First Security Amphitheatre) and helped create the Le Petite Roche project located within Riverfront Park.

The river is a big part of the festival's attraction. You can't beat fireworks glittering in the water or the fine view while you munch on a candy apple or funnel cake. The Arkansas river is the sixth largest in the United States and carries its snow pack melt waters for fifteen hundred miles to the mighty Mississippi.

And They're Off

There's plenty to do both before and after the Baggo National Championship. While you're in Little Rock, it's a quick trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a visit to the Oaklawn Racing and Gaming Track. Maybe you'll find that the ponies are your thing or maybe you just want to watch. Either way, the hundred-year-old grounds contains a lot to see and plenty to offer.

Dip Your Toes In

The town of Hot Springs itself earns its name honestly. There are more than forty-seven natural springs in the area. Relaxing at one of the city's many spas lets you experience a soothing treat, with roots dating to before the country's founding. Nothing heals like nature itself, and while you enjoy that medicinal dip, remember you're bathing in waters that fell as rain over four thousand years ago!

Riding High

Making your way back to the festival grounds, there's the Lowery Carnival, straight out of Louisiana. They have rides and games for every age and taste. Whether it's getting stuck on the Ferris wheel with your significant other or walking hand-in-hand through the brightly lit tents, you'll enjoy the costumes and glitter—because everybody loves a carnival.

Baggo Means Baggo

When it comes time for the Baggo National Championship, get ready to cheer on your favorite teams. Even if you don't have a team, it won't be hard to pick one. Baggo enthusiasts love to have fun. No matter if it's tailgating or a competition, Baggo players give it their all.

Baggo started as a backyard game but expanded into tailgating, table-top, and indoor parties. Though its roots remain outdoor fun-time, the portability of the new equipment and the functionality of its design make it a game that can go anywhere. That versatility is what makes the Baggo National Championship such a treat. Its players feel equally at home in a casual, home setting as well as on the slightly bigger stage.

Great Odds and Ends

On the day after the championship, don’t forget to check out some of the specialty booths or events. Go by Sweet Baby Rays booth and savor a taste of barbecue goodness or stop by Ford's Spin-to-Win and get one of their prizes.

Check Out Number 42

If you still have time, find your way to the Clinton Presidential Library to learn more about Arkansas's contribution to the Oval Office. Check out the political journey of America's third-youngest president. Once you finish, you'll have time to return to the festival and wrap up your two-day gaming and music adventure.

End This Party with a Bang

The night after the Baggo Championship, watch the pyrotechnics of the First Security Bank Fireworks display. We all love bright lights, big noises, and pretty colors. It's the largest fireworks display in Arkansas and happens to be a wonderful way to end the festival. 

Register your 2 man team today to compete for over $3K in cash & prizes!

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