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Specialty Themed Baggo Boards

Baggo is a favorite pastime of many Americans. It was created in the late 1940s, in the upper Midwest, and initially could only be played outdoors. The large boards and heavy bean bags were not conducive to placement inside, and they were difficult to transport. Given the increasing popularity of the game throughout the United States, the Baggo Company worked tirelessly to make the game more practical and transportable.

The new boards include collapsible legs, a suitcase handle, and storage for the beanbags, allowing them to fit in the back of a vehicle. Additional convenient features include side locking clips and scoring rules, and keepers on each board.

Baggo has evolved to the point where you can play the game virtually anywhere. Specialty themed boards have become popular, too, with some customized to suit your personal or corporate needs.

Evolution of Baggo and Places to Play

One of the best features of Baggo is that it can now be transported and played anywhere. The most popular venues for Baggo are picnics and barbecues. For as long as people have been gathering in someone’s backyard to socialize, there have been games to accompany the event. While croquet and shuttlecock were popular in the first half of the twentieth century, less pretentious games like Baggo gained a reputation in the latter half of the 1900s and into the 2000s as the game to play at outdoor parties.

Although at a glance it looks easy to throw bean bags onto a board, the game requires balance, concentration, and practice to master.

Baggo has also gathered a significant following at tailgating events. The transportable boards and bags make it easy to fit in the trunk and then set up in the parking lot of the stadium for hours of pre-game fun.


Many warm weather wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners include Baggo as an entertainment option. The bride and groom can play together or on opposing teams with the bridal party in tow. Baggo boards are a fun wedding gift for a couple that enjoys the game and travels frequently. It can also provide an excellent reminder of their wonderful day together, particularly if the boards are customized for the couple ahead of time.

Customized Boards

Perhaps the most fun aspect of Baggo boards is that they can be individually customized. There are hundreds of options to choose from, depending on your particular inclinations toward a team, event, location, or even food and beverage. Some popular options are:

  • Teams

Collegiate and pro sports teams are some of the most popular Baggo board decals around. Representing your team while playing a game, particularly before or during the time your team is playing, can create an added sense of team loyalty and pride.

  • Events

Wedding or couple-themed Baggo boards, including “his and hers” or “Mr. and Mrs.” along with accompanying colors are . Dates, and custom text can be added other events as well, including birthdays, family reunions, or even company outings.

  • Popular logos/organizations

Some people like to put logos of their favorite beverage, food, or power tool, or image. All of these options are available for those interested in making their boards more commercialized.

  • Holidays

Some holidays, particularly those occurring during warmer weather, provide an excellent opportunity for custom boards. American flags and eagles represent the Fourth of July or Memorial and shamrocks are the perfect complement to St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Build Your Own Baggo

In some cases, your preferred decal may not exist or be in stock. However, the BYOB game comes with screens that cover and protect decal stickers of any design imaginable, allowing your Baggo boards to be truly one of a kind.

Baggo versus "Those Other Games"

Baggo frequently gets confused with other games. People erroneously call Baggo Mexican bean bag toss or corn hole. The rules remain the same for all three – bean bags are tossed onto the opposite board with various point levels awarded depending on the final destination of the bean bag – but the boards are different.

Front and back legs on Baggo boards make them easier to transport and more ergonomically sound. Additionally, Baggo boards are made of hard plastic instead of wood and are approximately one foot shorter than corn hole boards. They also come with wall mounting brackets to keep them out of the way when not in use. There is a scorekeeper on each Baggo board which helps eliminate disputes that typically arise during games of corn hole.

The same company makes all Baggo boards, so their size and shape are uniform; this is not always the case with corn hole boards. Finally, Baggo products are made entirely in the United States, whereas some corn hole boards and bean bags are made overseas.