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Baggo: A Winning Fundraising Idea

If you have been to a tailgate for a sporting event, you have most likely seen or been a part of a friendly game of Baggo. This pastime has now become a staple of outdoor gaming that combines competitiveness with ease of gameplay to create a wonderfully simple and fun game for the whole family.

While you will often see Baggo being played in the parking lot outside of a stadium, the accessibility of the game has it going to bigger and better places, including the fundraising circuit.

Deciding to Fundraise with Baggo

Without a doubt, fundraising can be an extremely rewarding experience, but not without its own challenges. Choosing a fundraiser is a difficult task that requires heavy consideration of budget, time, and resources available. Frequently, these factors can set back or hinder a fundraiser from reaching its full potential. Hosting a Baggo tournament is an easy and simple fundraising activity for large or small-scale events.

Baggo is an inexpensive, easily transportable game that takes hardly any time to set up and prepare for gameplay. A tournament is a good way to bring out a little good-natured competition while raising money. All you need is a large space indoors or out to set up the game boards, and you are ready to play. In the spirit of the tournament, you could also serve snacks and beverages for a price. Overall, a Baggo tournament can be a simple way to raise a lot of money.

Developing a Tournament

The process of creating a fundraising Baggo tournament is quite simple. First, determine the kind of atmosphere you would like to create for the tournament. Ideally, a wide field area outdoors gives your Baggo game an air of competitiveness. Next, decide how many participants you would like to enter the tournament. Tournaments can be played with 32 or 64 teams, with single or double elimination guidelines.

Like any tournament, a bracket needs to be created. You can purchase a customizable bracket for the occasion that will give you everything you need to keep track of who is playing whom when the games commence. Allow teams to sign up for a fee, and place their names on the bracket for the first round. You can choose to host a tournament for singles (two players) or doubles (four players), or both.

Place the game boards at 20 feet apart to accommodate official Baggo tournament rules, and the game is ready to go. Each team will need four bags, and if you are hosting a doubles match, teammates will need to stand on opposing sides. Multiple games can proceed at once, and teams will move through the bracket until there is eventually one winner. To create a more competitive atmosphere, you can choose to offer a prize to the winner of the tournament.

Additionally, while the tournament is proceeding, you can sell beverages and snacks to onlookers and participants, and even create a short raffle for a prize to be announced at the end of the tournament to keep attendance up until the fundraiser is completed.

Dividing the Tasks

Like any fundraiser, hosting a Baggo tournament will require a bit of task delegation. Make sure you have a team of people prepared to handle venue location, equipment handling, food and beverages, advertising, and registration. Booking a location is the first thing you must do, especially if you plan to host the tournament indoors. You might want to have an indoor spot reserved even if you host an outdoor event, in case the weather does not cooperate.

Obtaining the proper Baggo equipment is easy, through the official Baggo website. Be sure to know exactly how many game boards you need, based on how many teams there will be and how many games you intend to play at one time. A more budget-friendly option would be to have participants bring their own Baggo game boards.

Advertising the event is easy, today, given all the social media tools available, allowing you to quickly spread the word. Flyers and word of mouth are also reliable ways to market the event.

Consider letting people register online. Provide them with a link to the registration page on any social media site you may use for marketing.

You can use special pre-registration prices to entice people to sign up.

Using an online forum will easily help you keep track of when all the registration spots are filled.

Final Thoughts

Baggo is a classic pastime that has become one of the most beloved games of our era.

If you include a Baggo tournament during your fundraising event, you are assured of success.