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5 Reasons Why Every Family Should Own a Baggo Set

These days, it can sometimes seem as if family togetherness is a thing of the past. With the Internet becoming such a huge part of how we all live our lives, it’s not uncommon to see families sitting together, not saying a word to one another. Each person is simply paying attention to one type of personal screen or another, more interested in what people are saying and doing elsewhere than they are interacting with people in the same room. And that’s when families spend time in the same room at all!

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your family can be one of the ones that spends time together on the weekends laughing, interacting, and having an awesome time. The trick is to come up with an activity that no one in the family will be able to resist, and Baggo is a great choice for a number of reasons. Let us count the ways!

  1. Baggo Is Appropriate for Everyone

Most games seem to fall into one of two categories. Either they’re engaging and challenging enough for adults to be into it, or they’re so simple that they only appeal to children. It’s only a rare few that truly do appeal to people of all ages, and Baggo is one of them.

It’s simple enough for even the youngest members of your family to keep up and remember how it works. However, it’s challenging enough and addictive enough for the adults to find it just as appealing. Everyone from grandma to the baby of the family can play, while having the time of their lives.

  1. Baggo Is Active

A lack of meaningful human connection isn’t the only problem associated with heavy Internet use and largely sedentary lifestyles. People’s collective health is on the decline as well. More people than ever before suffer from obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and colon cancer simply because they don’t move around enough.

Introducing active pastimes into your family’s routine is the perfect way to lower the chances of the same things happening to your family. Your children will grow up learning to love being active because they associate it with fun, joyful activities like regular family Baggo games. They’ll be healthier for it, too!

2. Baggo Is Portable

Sure, Baggo is a great fit for backyard picnics or family barbecues at home. However, the sheer portability of modern Baggo boards means it’s easy to take your game on the go, as well. Boards are lightweight and fold up with ease, so they’re easy to toss in the back of even the smallest car at a moment’s notice.

Plus, Baggo boards are super durable, so they can travel with you wherever you go. Enjoy a Baggo game at the park or on the beach for a welcome change of scenery. Take your Baggo supplies along with you on your next family camping trip. Just about anywhere you can imagine wanting to get in a game together, Baggo can come along for the ride.

  1. Baggo Is Addictive

When you’re trying to turn togetherness, physical activity, and full-scale interaction into habits, it helps if you choose an activity that is truly irresistible. Biking, hiking, or standard team sports are all excellent and popular choices, but it’s unlikely that everyone in the family will like those activities equally.

Baggo is something that everyone will like. Plus, its sheer simplicity makes it incredibly easy to get into, not to mention truly addictive. In fact, it’s possible that your entire family could be hooked after just one session.

  1. Baggo Has Possibilities

Did you know that Baggo is so popular that there are official tournaments people can sign up for? In fact, the chances are excellent that there’s one you can attend close to your area. That said, if you or anyone else in your family does fall in love with the game to the extent they want to take it to the next level, they absolutely can.

Baggo can help married couples get closer. It can help multi-generational family members bond with one another. It can help build self-esteem for children and give them a healthy, beneficial way to indulge their competitive instincts. It can help open the door to even more different types of family activities.

As you can see, Baggo has a lot of potential as far as what it can bring to the table for families of all types and sizes. Explore the possibilities today! You’re sure to be glad you did.