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Game Day Done Right

Whether you’re a die-hard college football fan or you’re all about NFL, you’ve probably been a part of awesome tailgate parties. During the tailgate is the time to get pumped about your team, talk as much smack as you want to, and – if we’re being honest – drink! But, attending a tailgate and throwing a tailgate party are two completely different things. It’s easy to stroll up to the tailgate, eat, drink, and celebrate game day. However, when you throw a party, it’s a bit more stressful.

And, even though football season is coming to a close, there are a few more games and bowls to watch. Which means you do have time to throw the perfect tailgate party! Remember, when you’re tailgating, the host has a different role than if you were throwing a dinner party in your dining room.

For starters, you should always have fun. If you’re having fun, so is everyone else. With a constant flow of booze, good eats, and games, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice if something goes awry. So, keep your cool – it’s game day, after all! Of course, always make sure everyone has a drink in hand, that they are well fed, and that they have the option to take part in all the games if they like. Then, after you make sure everyone is set to have a great afternoon, get in on all the action yourself!

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, along with staying calm and laughing off any mishaps, we wanted to bring you a few extra tips that will make any tailgate or game day party run smoothly.

Star of the Show

It should come as no surprise that the stars of any tailgate are the food and drinks. So, you need to always make sure you have plenty of ice and a large enough cooler to hold all your booze. Also, a sleeve or two of solo cups and koozies that show off your team are mandatory. When you’re in the parking lot, or in another area around the stadium, this is all you really need for drinks. It’s best to keep things simple, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a lot of drink options.

However, if you’re throwing a game day party in your backyard, you can throw ice in a large bowl and place it on a table, along with other cocktail or drink options. When you’re at home, you have more freedom to get as creative (or not) with your drink display.

As far as food goes, simple is always the route to take. You want to make sure that the food you provide is easy to eat. Think along the lines of finger foods that are proven crowd pleasers and mix well with each other. This is not the time to experiment with new recipes. Also, make sure to balance hot or spicy options with mild flavors. Remember that, if you have hot wings, you should avoid a spicy salsa with chips. Instead, opt for spinach dip. Tried and true options include:

  • Hot dogs and hamburgers (if you have access to a grill)
  • Buffalo wings
  • Chips and dip
  • Sliders, such as pulled pork, chicken, cheeseburgers, etc.
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Chili

Don’t Forget the Games

When it comes to tailgates, games are a must. They create a spirit of competition, and all the guests can bond, even if they are rooting for opposing teams. Again, you’ll want to go for crowd pleasers. Now there are TONS of games you can play, but here are some games that are always a hit on game day:

  • Baggo

Unlike traditional corn hole boards, Baggo boards are so much better, as they are easy to take anywhere, from the backyard to the parking lot. Plus, anyone can play, and all you need is at least two people.

  • Beer Pong

You can’t go wrong with beer pong, as everyone who plays gets to drink … you guessed it: beer. Plus, games get pretty intense and competitive. Create teams and brackets to amp up the competition.

  • Bocce Ball

This is a great option for those who like a more relaxed, strategic game-day competition. There are plenty of sets that make it easy to play whether in the parking lot or backyard.

  • Flip Cup

Again, another game where the object is for everyone to drink beer. So, needless to say, you can’t go wrong here. Plus, it’s challenging, super competitive, and perfect for a large group. All you need is a table, solo cups, and an even number of players on each team.