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Best Tailgates of the SEC

When you’re spending your Saturday down south, there are tons of tailgate options that will give you a college game day experience of a lifetime. While it would be awesome to spend each weekend on a different campus, stacking up the best aspect of each tailgate in the SEC, we know it’s not possible for most people, which is why we did the hard part for you and brought you a roundup of the five best places to tailgate and the aspects that make them so great.

1.LSU Eats

It’s not hard to understand this one. If you want to eat like a king on game day, head to Tiger Stadium on any given game day, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner. Under the purple and gold tents, you’ll find mouth-watering grub such as crab, alligator, chicken, beef, shrimp, and pork that all are prepared Cajun style. No matter what team you root for, you just can’t deny that the food served for LSU’s tailgate is special.

2.The UGA and UF Rivalry

One visit, and you’ll understand why this Florida vs. Georgia game is titled “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party.” Every season the rivals face off in Jacksonville, FL at a neutral stadium, and what ensues is legendary. Every possible inch of the parking lot is filled with tailgating fans. Even overpasses, medians of the highway, and the areas surrounding the stadium are full of tailgates. So, there is no shortage of booze, games, and fun during this game.

Oh, and both sides take their fandom very seriously, so if you aren’t a die-hard fan, you better pick a side and stick to it. Just don’t take it personally when someone talks trash – on this game day, it’s bound to happen.

3.The Vols “Navy”

If you didn’t know, Neyland Stadium is nicely situated on the Tennessee River. So, naturally, Vols fans have formed a navy and have taken to the water for their tailgating. Boats of all shapes and size are tied together for a game day celebration like no other.  The Vol navy is something you just have to see for yourself – as you hardly ever get the chance to “boatgate.” 

4.Auburn’s Tiger Walk

In the SEC, every school has their own process for cheering on the players prior to the big game. About two or three hours before kickoff, fans line up to greet their players as they arrive. And, while there are certainly many game day walks to attend, none compares to Auburn’s Tiger Walk. Even if you are in the midst of it, you just won’t believe the size and scope of this celebration. The fans are so passionate and proud, it’ll be hard not to feel excited, even if Auburn is not your team.

5. The Grove at Ole Miss

Overnight, 10 green, tree-filled acres in Oxford, Mississippi are transformed to hold one of the largest tailgates you’ll ever see. The atmosphere is nothing less than a party, which makes The Grove an experience you’ll want to take part in. Girls, grab your sundresses, and, guys, put on your suits. Grab a cocktail as you walk through the red and blue tents, and you’ll fit right in. But, the fun doesn’t last forever, and, at midnight, the grounds are cleaned up and the tents removed. But, they’ll be back again for the next home game, and the one after that, and the one after that. 


If you have yet to experience these college game day traditions, we suggest you plan your trip. Nothing beats Saturdays in the SEC, and you can’t go wrong with passionate fans, great football, the delicious food that create an awesome tailgate atmosphere. Trust us on this one; you’ll want to check these out and experience them for yourself!