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Baggo vs Cornhole: Better Game, Better Name

Think back to the last tailgate, barbecue, sports event, or beach trip you had. We’re betting that it was a blast. But, what makes these events so fun? Well, for one thing, beautiful weather will definitely make all those experiences more enjoyable. Along with sunny skies, being surrounded by loved ones and the presence of delicious food and flowing drinks all add to these outdoor activities.

But, for tailgates and beach trips, there is another key component that keeps everyone in high spirits. To pass the afternoon, most people play various games, and cornhole happens to be a popular game for outdoor events. It’s easy to see why: all ages are able to play, it’s competitive, and you and your group can work together in teams and/or tournaments. However, while cornhole is fun to play, it comes with several negatives, and that’s where Baggo comes in. 

Why Baggo Is Different

While the rules for cornhole and Baggo are the same, the main difference lies in the board. Cornhole boards are heavy, wooden, and take up tons of space. So, unless you have a pickup truck or large SUV, you likely won’t be able to haul them around. That’s just one of the reasons Baggo boards so great.

Baggo boards are about a foot shorter and weigh considerably less, making it easy to pack, carry, and haul around your boards. Our boards fold, have built-in pockets to store the beanbags, and have handles that making carrying a breeze. So, you are able to take the game on all your adventures. From the backyard to the park, beach, or parking lot, you no longer have to have a pickup truck to haul the game around.

Besides being heavy, since cornhole boards are made out of wood, they are not weather resistant. While traditional cornhole boards will fade and get ruined in the elements, your Baggo boards won’t. Meaning that you will have many years’ worth of use out of your game. 

Lastly, as you have probably experienced before, when a group of competitive individuals gets together to play cornhole, an argument about the score is bound to come up. But, our boards minimize those disputes and guesswork, so you can spend more time playing and less time arguing. Baggo has a front leg, something always overlooked on wooden cornhole boards. This front leg allows the front of the board to standup off the ground and eliminate a bag that would normally be half on & half off, which would surely cause a scoring dispute. The front leg also allows the distance regulator rope to tie into the front of the game, pull it until it’s tight your playing at the official distance every time. Baggo also has a full rear back leg that has all the rules and scoring imprinted in it. Most wooden cornhole boards have two peg legs acting as back legs, giving you the equivalent of playing basketball without a net! Lastly, each game board comes with dual score keepers on the sides of each board, for manual score keeping.

When you’re done with Baggo, utilize the wall mount for storage or display. And, since you have tons of options to customize your boards with your favorite team logo, company name/logo, or any other significant design, you’ll want to show off these bad boys!

How to Play Baggo

Not sure how to play Baggo? Don’t worry; here are all the basics you need to know. You can choose to play with two or four players at a time, but, if you have a large group, you can always create a bracket for a cornhole tournament. Once you have your teams divided, find a flat surface to play on. Walk the boards apart from each other, pulling the distance regulator rope tight, and  your ready to play!

Next, the teams should pick their bags, four for each, and decide who goes first. Take turns throwing the bags – you throw a bag, then your opponent does; you throw again, and so on.

Here are some of the basics you need to keep in mind while tossing the bags:

  • While you throw, your feet cannot go past the front edge of the boards “Foot Foul Line”. This is like a Free Throw line in Basketball.
  • A bag cannot touch the ground. If it hits the ground and bounces up on the board, make sure you remove it before throwing any other bags. Also, remove a bag if it’s hanging off the board and touching the ground.
  • Scoring is 1 point on the board & 2 points in the hole. Only 1 team scores at the end of each round. Points cancel out (net scoring), using the difference in the two scores as the final rounds score. IE – Team #1 scores 3 points, Team #2 score 1 point. Team #1 would score 2 net points for the round, Team #2 does not score for the round.
  • When all eight bags have been tossed to their opposite side, add up the score. If you earned the most points in that single round, your team will throw first in the next round.

Where to Play Baggo

Baggo is the perfect game because you can virtually take it anywhere! Plus, it’s a fun game for all age groups. Set Baggo up in the backyard to play with the whole family! From young kids to the elders of the family, they will all have a blast playing. Baggo adds a competitive spirit to any backyard party, barbecue, family reunion, or quality time spent with loved ones.

As if that weren’t cool enough, thanks to the incredible design we mentioned above, you can easily pack and carry your boards with you to accompany you on any beach trip, picnic, or tailgate event. Whether grass, asphalt, or sand, you can take Baggo just about anywhere! And, since it’s a game that appeals to all ages, there are countless events and times to play!